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Before a Landscaping Project

Concerns to address before landscapers arrive at your property for landscaping projects

Call 811

811 is a free service that can alerts utility companies that you may want to dig for a landscaping project. They will send workers out to mark areas where there are pipes and wires underground. They can also be reached on the web at Sunshine811.

This is an important step when there is actual work about to begin. But if you’re one of those property owners that prefers to plan, plan, plan, then this is a good starting step even before work has been decided on. It may help you decide what types of elements you will consider for your new landscape project.

At any rate, it never hurts to have an overabundance of preparation. And, when work is set to begin, a quick call to 811 is easier than dealing with consequences of digging into a utility line.


Prepare alternate pathways

A new residential landscape project often means your normal pathways in and out of your house will be in use, particularly if the project is something like a paver driveway. Not just workers, but stored materials and machinery, will also need to use available space around your home. Prepare for this.

For example, if you know a project will take a week, and you’ll have to move sports equipment out of the garage for an event that week, it makes sense to get the stuff out before the project starts.


Inform your landscape installation team about heavy traffic areas

Your landscaping team may need to adjust their prep if heavy traffic is a concern, so let them know. This includes heavy traffic areas – both foot and vehicle traffic – and areas where heavy vehicles need to drive over or park.

Heavy traffic areas may also affect the time you’ll need to stay off a new installation. New driveways, walkways or other hardscape installations require different curing times until ready to support heavy traffic. The more information that your landscape team has, the better your chances for a long-lasting new hardscape.


Gated community or HOA concerns

If you live in a gated community, inform gate guards when workers will need access. Additionally, inform your landscaping team of entry codes for automated gate systems. If your community or HOA need to know beforehand when work is planned, please take care of this before work is scheduled to start.


Move the little things

Landscape workers, as a rule, try to work around things than to move stuff out of the way to make work easier for themselves. Unless, of course, there is a chance something will get destroyed or negatively affect a new installation. Then that item will be moved out of the way. However, it’s the little things that both homeowners and workers overlook that can cause a little abrasion.

Homeowners overlook things that are not in the direct line of work. However, these things may unexpectedly cause workers to change work patterns.

Workers overlook things that won’t be damaged or cause damage. However, they may kick up dirt and dust over items as they work without necessarily meaning to dirty things up.

The conclusion to be drawn is this: a little courtesy goes a long way. After all, what homeowners and workers want in common is to have a landscaping project go as smoothly as possible.

Tips to make your garden beautiful

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