Sod Installation

Fresh sod installation – the shortcut to a perfect new lawn.

A healthy lawn is the foundation of a beautiful landscape. Raise property value and improve curb appeal with lush grass.

Sod Installation Process

Our team takes the steps necessary to ensure your lawn establishes well and stays beautiful.

  1. Help you choose turfgrass – Let’s find a grass variety that fits your soil, landscape design goals, level of commitment, budget, and more.
  2. Prep thoroughly  – The existing lawn is cleared and graded meticulously before any new sod goes in. Soil contact can make or break a new sod installation.
  3. Install sod – We give you a solid day’s labor. Sod is guaranteed fresh.
  4. Consult on irrigation – You’ll understand the proper care for your new lawn and the irrigation options that offers the best coverage.
  5. Be available to you – We’re here to answer your questions before, during, and after sod installation.  

Our Guarantee

We recommend Classicscape post-care services, including fertilizer, herbicide, and pesticide treatments, at least until your lawn is established.

We guarantee:

  • Sod is fresh and free of disease at installation
  • You will have a watering plan for your new sod
  • If a patch of sod was not installed properly, we will replace it free of charge

Our Services

We are a full-service landscape design, installation, and maintenance company. From irrigation to pavers, We love and understand Florida landscaping needs.


French Drains

French drains are an elegant solution to a common Florida landscape concern: properties affected by the water table.

Things that are plentiful in Central Florida: sunlight, visitors, wildlife, and moisture.

Landscaping and hardscaping can help control the water on the ground surface. However, it’s a lot harder to keep track of the water under the surface – the groundwater – and that’s actually the stuff Florida property owners need to worry about.

Excess groundwater is an issue throughout Central Florida. Rain and other factors affect the water table, then permanent puddles and other landscape blemishes can form.

This excess groundwater can cause damage if not properly redirected away from homes and buildings.

French drains ensure that groundwater has proper channels to leave your landscape.

What are French Drains?

Essentially, they are drainage tunnels inset with a pipe. A surface layer of gravel or decorative rocks acts as a filter. The pipe redirects water away from your home, into an irrigation system or storm drain.

As a result, unwanted damp areas never get a chance to develop. This is particularly important in Florida.

French Drains by Classicscape

  • An easy solution for almost any landscape
  • Eco-friendly
  • Cost-effective
  • Adds visual interest to your landscape design

How We Work

We design French drains to be a natural, appealing part of your landscape. We don’t rely on third parties for installation. Because of this, we are able to complete every layer to our specifications. And, it ensures that the French drain fits in seamlessly to your overall landscape design.

Orlando Brick Pavers

Orlando Brick Pavers

Pavers are a gorgeous, long-lasting hardscape material used widely in Florida. It does well in our climate and a great building block for a wide variety of hardscaping: driveways, pool decks, walkways, retaining walls, and more.

Benefit of Pavers 

  • Free to be art – pavers are beautiful and offer the most choice in color and patterns
  • Lowest cost of ownership – after the initial investment, pavers require the least ongoing maintenance compared to gravel, concrete, asphalt
  • Versatile – from pool decks to patios, pavers support Florida lifestyles and climate
  • Quick cure – hardscape surfaces with pavers tend to be ready for use very soon after installation (often immediately)

Paver Installation by Classic Scape

Our workmanship – from hardscape design to paver installation, our team has strict standards for workmanship. Your long-lasting hardscape will show the quality of our work for many years to come. After installation of pavers, if you see any flaws in our workmanship, it will be corrected immediately.

Free estimates – we provide written estimates following a thorough on-site consultation to help make your hardscape vision come to life.

Residential and commercial experience – we have established relationships with homeowners and business owners throughout Central Florida. Our portfolio of projects is a great source of pride. Let’s create something unique, long-lasting, and beautiful for your property.

Tree Planting and Removal

We offer both full-service and a la carte landscaping services – including flower and tree planting, transplanting, and removal services.

Tree Planting

Nothing raises spirits and property values quite like beautiful plants and trees.

  • Lower energy costs – Trees cool yards and provide shade
  • Protect your property against erosion – Trees and strategic plantings help mitigate erosion, especially near lakes and along flood-prone areas
  • Build habitat – Your property can support sustainability by inviting pollinators, birds, and wildlife with trees and plants
  • Improve privacy – Strategically placed trees are a pretty way to block the line of sight of neighbors and passersby

Trees should fit your purpose and enhance areas without competing with other landscape elements. It’s crucial that trees be provided adequate space to grow above ground and underground.

Taking into account soil, location, weather and adjacent species ensures you get long-term benefits from your tree planting. Around patios and outdoor living areas, we recommend trees that stay compact and won’t require frequent pruning. We’ll help you choose.

Tree Transplanting & Removal

If a tree does not thrive in one location, a tree transplanting may help. Or, if a rapid and dramatic landscape shift is desired, a newly transplanted tree line may be just the answer.

We also remove trees that no longer make sense in your landscape.


Irrigation = the life of your landscape.

With an efficient irrigation system, you minimize the amount of watering you need to do to maintain a healthy and lush landscape.  Less water runoff. More water retention. Effective drainage. As a result, you’ll reduce the hit to your wallet.

We customize watering solutions to your residential or commercial landscape. For us, “Precision Means Conservation.”



We design irrigation to go exactly where it’s needed by:

  • Aiming watering components at plant roots and not leaves, which only encourages fungus growth
  • Adjusting watering levels for different plants – no more over-watering or under-watering
  • Taking into account the maintenance commitment you can make to your landscape



In addition to conserving water with our precision methods, we:

  • Reduce water waste – we tailor irrigation systems to the size, shape, and layout of your landscape
  • Reduce water needs – we can recommend drought-tolerant and low-maintenance plants to reduce watering. We can also recommend non-thirsty hardscaping elements that would fit into your landscape


You can have it all: Reduce water usage and increase curb appeal! We’ll help you find landscape elements that fit your needs.

Landscape Design

What do you want for your outdoor space? Can quality landscape design help you achieve your ideal space?

Landscape design is how we turn a simple yard into your personal oasis. And, smart design choices can improve privacy, security and safety.

Florida Landscape Design

We create spaces suited to Florida outdoor living:

  • Distinctive plantings and water features
  • Pavers for walks, decks, and driveways
  • Privacy walls and sound-shielding landscaping
  • Seating areas and play areas with protective shade
  • Outdoor cooking, living, and gathering spaces


Pool decks, pergolas, retaining walls, and other paver project ideas can be found on our Pavers page.

Our Services

We use best practices in design when planning your landscape, such as balancing textures, color, and blooming cycles. Soil and plants can be paired like fine food and wines.

Most of all, we understand that a successful design balances your personal tastes with the constraints of your unique landscape conditions.