Landscape Design

What do you want for your outdoor space? Can quality landscape design help you achieve your ideal space?

Landscape design is how we turn a simple yard into your personal oasis. And, smart design choices can improve privacy, security and safety.

Florida Landscape Design

We create spaces suited to Florida outdoor living:

  • Distinctive plantings and water features
  • Pavers for walks, decks, and driveways
  • Privacy walls and sound-shielding landscaping
  • Seating areas and play areas with protective shade
  • Outdoor cooking, living, and gathering spaces


Pool decks, pergolas, retaining walls, and other paver project ideas can be found on our Pavers page.

Our Services

We use best practices in design when planning your landscape, such as balancing textures, color, and blooming cycles. Soil and plants can be paired like fine food and wines.

Most of all, we understand that a successful design balances your personal tastes with the constraints of your unique landscape conditions.






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