Sod Installation

Fresh sod installation – the shortcut to a perfect new lawn.

A healthy lawn is the foundation of a beautiful landscape. Raise property value and improve curb appeal with lush grass.

Sod Installation Process

Our team takes the steps necessary to ensure your lawn establishes well and stays beautiful.

  1. Help you choose turfgrass – Let’s find a grass variety that fits your soil, landscape design goals, level of commitment, budget, and more.
  2. Prep thoroughly  – The existing lawn is cleared and graded meticulously before any new sod goes in. Soil contact can make or break a new sod installation.
  3. Install sod – We give you a solid day’s labor. Sod is guaranteed fresh.
  4. Consult on irrigation – You’ll understand the proper care for your new lawn and the irrigation options that offers the best coverage.
  5. Be available to you – We’re here to answer your questions before, during, and after sod installation.  

Our Guarantee

We recommend Classicscape post-care services, including fertilizer, herbicide, and pesticide treatments, at least until your lawn is established.

We guarantee:

  • Sod is fresh and free of disease at installation
  • You will have a watering plan for your new sod
  • If a patch of sod was not installed properly, we will replace it free of charge

Our Services

We are a full-service landscape design, installation, and maintenance company. From irrigation to pavers, We love and understand Florida landscaping needs.



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