Tree Planting and Removal

We offer both full-service and a la carte landscaping services – including flower and tree planting, transplanting, and removal services.

Tree Planting

Nothing raises spirits and property values quite like beautiful plants and trees.

  • Lower energy costs – Trees cool yards and provide shade
  • Protect your property against erosion – Trees and strategic plantings help mitigate erosion, especially near lakes and along flood-prone areas
  • Build habitat – Your property can support sustainability by inviting pollinators, birds, and wildlife with trees and plants
  • Improve privacy – Strategically placed trees are a pretty way to block the line of sight of neighbors and passersby

Trees should fit your purpose and enhance areas without competing with other landscape elements. It’s crucial that trees be provided adequate space to grow above ground and underground.

Taking into account soil, location, weather and adjacent species ensures you get long-term benefits from your tree planting. Around patios and outdoor living areas, we recommend trees that stay compact and won’t require frequent pruning. We’ll help you choose.

Tree Transplanting & Removal

If a tree does not thrive in one location, a tree transplanting may help. Or, if a rapid and dramatic landscape shift is desired, a newly transplanted tree line may be just the answer.

We also remove trees that no longer make sense in your landscape.