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Are you licensed?
Yes! We are fully licensed and insured in Florida.
How do we get the proper permits?
That’s our job. We will get all the proper permits and licenses that are necessary to do the job. In the very rare cases that require action from the property owner, we will guide you on any steps you need to take.
What is Florida-friendly landscaping?
Florida-Friendly Landscaping is based on principles that bring to life Florida’s natural resources. These principles guide landscapers, helping us to reduce water waste and soil pollution, choose elements that support Florida pollinators and other important wildlife, manage pests wisely, and protect our natural water resources by choosing smart irrigation, fertilizing, and drainage. You can still choose a mix of native and non-native Florida plants under these principles.
How often should I water sod?
New sod will require more frequent watering. For most turfgrasses, it will take up to three watering sessions a day to establish a lawn. Once established, you’ll be able to reduce watering to twice a week. We will recommend a watering schedule according to the grass variety and season.

Read more about suggested watering schedules on our blog.

Can you do estimates over the phone?
We can give you very general estimates over the phone. However, your home or business has conditions and sometimes site problems that cannot be seen over the phone. This will change your estimate. In general, it is in your best interest to have an estimate conducted on-site at your property where the work will be taking place.
Do Florida native plants require less water?
Not necessarily. Residential and commercial landscape conditions are not always the same as in areas where native plants grow in the wild. The important thing is to find plants and flowers that you love – that fit into your landscape’s unique soil, weather, and water conditions.
What do we do if plants or sod dies?
Even with the best-laid plans, living elements sometimes do not thrive. After installation, if a plant or patch of sod starts to die, we will replace it. We’ll also make sure that watering elements and schedules are ideal.

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Before A Landscaping Project

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