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Jan 17, 2023Irrigation, Landscape Design, Landscaping, Pavers, Planting and Removal

Our goal is a smooth, successful installation. Important concerns include a happy homeowner and clear access to the work area, so that we can do our best work with few distractions. Here are a few checklist items to help.

Don’t hesitate to communicate your needs

First and foremost, we are guests on your property. We’re there to complete our projects with efficiency and impeccable workmanship, which we’d like to do as respectfully as possible. The more we know about your property, the better the outcome. Workers will need to know where to park, any rules you have about workers on your property, and so on.

Unlock gates, prop open if possible

The less time spent unlocking and opening gates, the speedier the work will go. If it’s possible to keep areas propped open, please do so. If it’s not possible to open up areas, just let us know and we’ll happily adjust.

Gated community or HOA concerns

As covered before in our pre-project post, if you live in a gated community, inform gate guards when workers will need access. Additionally, inform your landscaping team of entry codes for automated gate systems. If your community or HOA need to know beforehand when work is planned, please take care of this before work is scheduled to start.

Other checklist items

We will be as clear as possible about the amount of time we need to spend on your property. On the day(s) work occurs:

  • Park household cars away from work areas
  • Arrange appropriate housing areas for pets (for their comfort as well as workers’) especially if they are sensitive to noise or strangers

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